Olivia Preston in Captivating Style | 卑猥なおっぱいエロ動画


女優の入来茉里(27)が2日、最新写真集「I'm a?」の発売イベントを行った。 5年ぶりの写真集で、特技の新体操のポーズに加えランジェリー姿など大胆なショットが収められている。表紙は一糸まとわぬヌーディーな姿を披露しており「ここまでの露出は挑戦でしたが、飾ることのない姿をお見せしようと思いました」と決意を語った。



Olivia Preston in Captivating Style

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Olivia Preston is on a mission in this month’s feature. Coming back for December is your Cybergirl of the Year, Olivia, and she looks graceful and sexy on set in beautiful Bali, Indonesia with the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. “Hi,” she exclaims to her fans, “look three is a spy girl set. I’m acting like a spy and sneaking in and out, it was super fun to film and I think you guys are really going to like it!” Dressed in a dark bikini and shades, Olivia totally fits the part as she walks down the steps and behind the buildings as if she’s trying to be undercover. In no time at all, watch as she reveals her lovely smile and all-natural figure that you voted into #CGOY just a few months ago. “Since you guys last saw me in Mexico, I’ve been traveling non-stop,” she says happily. A lover of airplanes, new countries and the hot sun, she’s currently been spending her time in Southeast Asia working and relaxing. “I think my ideal guy would be available to travel around the world with me, and that’s really hard to find,” she shares with us. “If you are one, hit me up, let’s travel the world!” Up for some adventure? Let your gorgeous Cybergirl of the Year know in the comments, right here on Plus!

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